Our Company

“Professional Service by Professional Engineers”

Alpha Building Inspectors is a division of Alpha Engineering, Inc. Our Bear, DE based company serves all three Delaware counties and surrounding counties in Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

AEI was originally formed in 1981 by two former E. I. DuPont Company engineers who provided primarily laboratory renovation designs. Our mechanical and electrical engineering services quickly grew to include architectural design. Site visits, to check construction quality and progress of our designs, soon captured the attention of people in the market for real estate acquisitions. Business investors wanting quick and accurate property evaluations prior to closing an offer, prompted us to form a separate branch dedicated to this activity. Thus, in 1985 Alpha Building Inspectors Division was formed.

ABI now conducts home inspections as well as building surveys routinely. Requests for home inspections out pace commercial and light manufacturing facility surveys four to one. Apartment and building managers call upon us to perform a “Needs Assessment” to satisfy mortgage contracts. ABI also performs forensic investigations for insurance adjusters and legal counselors to determine structural damage extents resulting from termite infestations, fire, foundation failures, water intrusions, etc.

Please see “Our Services” for a list of all our capabilities.

ABI Inspectors hold state registrations for “Professional Engineer” and/or certifications for “Professional Home Inspector” from nationally recognized organizations. Please be advised; New Jersey is currently the only state requiring home inspectors be licensed by that state. ABI exceeds all requirements of each state in which it operates.